Backpacking journeys that inspire young women to discover

June 28-July 1, 2019 • Backpacking Journey to Carr Lake area, Tahoe National Forest

As adults, we can all remember times from our adolescent years that were painful and confusing. With outside pressures like friends, parents and school, life could feel overwhelming, and it was easy to lose our own sense of self in the (perceived and real) expectations from others. At this young age, we were often without the tools, support or perspective that we so desperately yearned for at the time. The result was that it took years of searching and work to learn to come back to what feels true to us.

We have created these journeys to fill a gap we see. This experience is the platform for a young woman to allow an emerging sense of self and start to explore who SHE is and what she believes. This is a safe space for each of us to come as we are and learn to love and accept ourselves fully through connecting with each other and nature. Our mission is to guide young women on a beautiful journey; both into nature and into their own inner landscape to find the best version of themselves.


These trips will give your daughter an opportunity to connect with herself and other girls her age as they begin their journey into womanhood. We’ll be hiking through the beautiful wilderness, enjoying activities such as movement, art, journaling, and sharing with each other. These activities will give your daughter foundational tools she can continue to use on her own as she grows into the rest of her life.


  • Girls ages 11-14* (This age range is somewhat flexible – please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel your girl is a good fit.)
  • Girls who have ever struggled with body image, self-worth, self-expression, friendship
  • Girls who want to be more creative and spontaneous, make new friends, experience backpacking and have a fun weekend away from their parents!
  • Girls whose parents want them to experience a weekend of nature and self-exploration away from screen time, social media and pressures of life



  • Parents drop girls off at meeting point in Sacramento in the AM
  • Girls + Leaders depart from Sacramento as a caravan
  • Backpack to the campsite
  • Set up camp, cook dinner and enjoy group activities together

DAY 2 & 3

  • Greet the day with breakfast + morning rituals
  • Day Hiking, group activities, and tons of fun
  • Return to our campsite to cook dinner together and participate in evening activities


  • Breakfast, pack up camp and final fun before hiking back to the trailhead
  • Arrive back to Sacramento in the evening


  • Wilderness safety and gear orientation, prep, and training
  • Transportation from Sacramento to the trailhead
  • All food – organic meals and snacks
  • Special GITW Journal to use during the trip and bring home afterwords
  • Connection, friendship, and growth
  • A safe place to explore a deeper exploration and understanding of womanhood
  • FUN!

This is an invitation to take a break from day to day life and drop into a powerful weekend of self love, self discovery, self empowerment, and self responsibility. Womanhood is calling!